Four Stars Miniatures

We were thinking for a long time to open a company, the time came now. We proudly present FourStarsMiniatures. High quality for a reasonable price. We start business with unique products. Our company focuses on 1/35 scale vehicles, figures and accessories. The FourStarsMiniatures contributors: Ákos Szabó, Gábor Fodor (Minimanfactory), Áron Tábor (MMC) and Robert Rácz (Rescue Models) who fabricated masterpieces for several successful companies. His works can be found at Minimanfactory, Rescue Models, Tommy’s War, etc. catalog. These names are waranty for the quality. FourStarsMiniatures works as a manufacture this means we make the designs, the masterpieces, and the final products. This quarantees high quality and stringency , because we control the whole productions. We hope we give joy for collectors and modellers as well.

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FourStarsMiniatures is a new brand Our Mockup products are made from unique and quality raw materials and process. Make your friend happy, get stronger with a gift card. The gift card is easy to purchase and available to anyone.

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Fast delivery and continuous production. We ork with quality raw materials.

New technology

Our products are made by 3D printing and resin casting. We are charaterized by thorough design and construction

Unique products

We sell vehicles that are not yet manufactured, we produce custom models.

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