Famo Rübezahl

€ 121,00


All parts made with 3D printing technology.Designed by Akos Szabo.

Already in the 1920s, the Linke-Hoffmann-Werke AG made crawler tractors. The Reichswehr procured for example the LHW 50PS. In 1928, the name was changed to Linke-Hoffmann-Bush AG (LHB). The illustrated vehicle is a LHB Rübezahl which was made beginning in 1935.In 1935, the machine-building section of the Linke-Hoffmann-Werke was sold to the Junkers-Werke. Production was continued under the brand name FAMO. The medium crawler tractor Rübezahl was continued under the name FAMO Rübezahl until 1944. With a 65 HP engine it could tow up to 6 tons.

3d printing parts.

Weight 0.85 Kg
Physical size (l w h) 250x180x70 cm
Material műgyanta

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