TMM Bridge Set

€ 45,00
  • Scale: 1/35
  • Era: US military
  • Series: Add on Stars series
  • Order status: Available
  • Manufacturer: FourStarMiniatures
  • SKU: FSM3D35008
  • Category: Conversion kit
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All parts made with 3D printing technology.

Designed by Akos Szabó.The TMM is an early Cold War era vehicle launched bridge of Soviet origin. I was developed to allow Soviet forces to traverse small gaps and water and gaps that are wider than a single but do not require a pontoon. A single bridge section has a lenght of 10.5 meters and an infinite number can be connected. Normally four TMM vehicles form a unit and together are able span a 40 meter gap. The bridge sections can be laid in gaps and water between 1.7 and 3.2 meters deep. The bridge has a 50t wight capacity and the roadway allows for vehicles ranging from small cars to tanks. The TMM-4 variant uses a 60 t weight capacity bridge.

3D printing parts.

Weight 0.55 Kg
Physical size (l w h) cm
Material műgyanta

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