Kalmar RT 240 (KRTC)
€ 195,00 € 210,00

Kalmar RT’s Center (KRTC) has 53.000lbs (24.040kg) capacity whith the ability to stach 20 and 40 foot ISO Containers three high and two rows deep....

Jupiter IV Cuban Gun Truck
€ 165,00

KrAZ 255 is a heavy Soviet truck with all wheel drive of the KrAZ veihcle manufacturer, which was produced in series since 1967. The truck has been exploited in many countries of the former Wars...

FAMO Rübezahl
€ 79,00

Already in the 1920s the Linke-Hoffmann-Werka AG made crawler tractors. The Reichswehr procured for example the LHW 50 PS. In 1928, the name was changed to Linke-Hoffmann-Buch Ag (LHB). The illustrate...